Bakers is one of my favorite shoe stores, so when the only location that was accessible to me in Chicago closed down two years ago, I bust out a *wall slide*. The Bakers’ store on State Street has always been my favorite, and I’d go in there after school (in high school) to window shop before I had a budget to actually buy some shoes.

Anyways, after 2 years of being closed, they re-opened last week and had a special event for bloggers, with hosted by fashion and beauty blogger Aramide of The Sassy Peach. I had to go.

I’ve been following Bakers’ Tumblr since they opened and I’ve been checking out their shoes online so I knew they had some dope stuff in store. 

The store looked GREAT! Completely different from how I remembered it. Felt like a boutique, with a wall lined with shoes. And one thing about the shoes from this season? REALLY colorful. They’ve taken the color-blocking trend into the shoes and I love it because I’m a fan of flashy and fierce kicks.

I picked up my pair of SARI sandals in multi, and I look forward to rocking them on my upcoming vacation. Thanks for those, Bakers. 

I also ended up buying jewelry too, which I hadn’t planned to. But they had a buy one get one half off sale and I couldn’t help myself. I’m a sucka for sales.

But yes, WELCOME BACK, BAKERS STATE STREET!!! *throws confetti*

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